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Christine Dozier


Artist Statement:

As I look back at the canvasses I've painted over the years, the realization grows stronger that artists are more than "copiers" of environmental "snapshots."  Artists deal with a larger environment that begins in the visible world, but which expands--via private imagination--into an invisible world of possibilities without end.  Imagination, then, is the lens through which I see "the subject," but it's also the palette that I dip into.  Whether I'm painting realistically or abstractly or impressionistically it is imagination that drives my brush.  Imagination, to me, is a special kind of sight or vision.  Is it me using my imagination, or is it my imagination that's using me?  But one thing's for sure.  My canvas would remain blank without it.

Evolution of the Artist:

Chris recently moved from Memphis, Tennessee to Ocala, Florida, where she resides with her husband, Bernard, two Bichons, Jack and Cooper, and Orange Tabby, Ringo. She has studied at the University of Memphis, the Memphis College of Art, and with numerous inspirational teachers along the way. 

In the 1980s she worked in watercolors, moving into oils and acrylics a decade later. The artist enjoys painting landscapes, abstracts, still life, animals, and pet portraits. The artist's paintings hang in private collections and corporate offices throughout the United States. 

Chris earned a BS in Nursing from the University of Memphis in 1993, and enjoyed working as a behavioral health nurse for over 20 years.  

A collection of Chris's paintings can be seen at Gallery B Art Gallery on The Square in Ocala, Florida.


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