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Artist Perspective:

Years ago, I tried to make painted images match what my eyes saw, but over time I found that less and less satisfying.  Now, I find that I am usually observing two images -- one visible and the other mental -- in painting a third image on canvas.  For me, it is more creatively fulfilling to filter the images I paint through my imagination, and let it guide my choice of form, color, light and brush strokes.

The Evolution of the Artist:

Chris resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband, Bernard, their two Bichons, Jack and Cooper, and orange Tabby, Ringo.  She has studied at the University of Memphis, at the Memphis College of Art, and with numerous inspirational teachers along the way.  

In the late 1980s she worked in watercolors, moving into oils and acrylics a decade later.  The artist enjoys painting abstract landscapes, impressionistic still life and pet portraits.  The artist's paintings hang in private collections and corporate offices throughout the United States.  

Chris earned a BS in Nursing from the University of Memphis in 1993 and works as a psychiatric nurse.  She says that nursing provides a "real life" dimension that balances her artistic side and provides the flexibility and income to pursue painting.

The artist's work can be seen at Palladio Interiors in Memphis, Tennessee.

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